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    Distribution of DV in multiple OLS regression

    Hello, I am running a multiple linear OLS regression on a DV with the following frequency distribution. The DV is the mean of 5 Likert-scale items (thus, pseudo-metric as common in social sciences). I know that the DV does not have to be normally distributed in multiple linear OLS regression...
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    IVs and moderator variables correlate in three-way interaction - problematic?

    Hi everybody, let's assume I hypothesize: H1: A direct effect of X1 on Y H2: A direct effect of X2 on Y H3: A two-way interaction between X1 and X2 H4: A three-way interaction between X1, X2 and X3 H5: A three-way interaction between X1, X2 and X4 and run the following OLS regressions to test...