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    Leniency of assessors

    Hi, I would like to research whether the assessors in our company are equally lenient/stringent in their judgement. After an assessment, they can give a candidate three different verdicts, positive, negative or conditionally positive. For the research, I made a frequency table with the number...
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    Decriptives return 0 when both N and sum = 1

    Hi there, I have a question regarding the decriptives command. I have created this easy example to show my question. In the table below, there are four persons (A-D) who each have 6 tries. Try A B C D 1 1,00 ---- 1,00 2,00 2 ---- 1,00 ----...
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    Calculating the average variance of several normal distributed variables

    Hi, I have the following problem. I'm trying to average several normal distributed variables. To make it more easy, I'm using z-scores. The mean of the average is (Mx1 + Mx2 + Mx3)/3, in this case 0. But how do you calculate the variance? If I assume they are independent, am I...