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  1. stacy

    multinomial logistic regression

    hi , i have two questions: 1)- is it adequate to run a multinomial logistic regression test using spss on two categorical variables to test the influence relationship, knowing that data is collected via likert scale items and then computed into 5 classes : example from 5 to 10: weak, from 15...
  2. stacy

    creating a complex variable in spss and amos

    how to create in spss and amos an unobserved latent variable that has 3 observable sub-variables ? it via adding all three variables or is there another way to do it exeple of a latent variable :
  3. stacy

    spss independence tests

    hi, i have 3 qualitative latent variables, each of these variables is composed of 4 sub variables two of the latent variables are independent one is dependent i want to test the impact of the IV on the DV and to test the link between both two IVs and whether this link has an impact on the...