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  1. Amanda_UK

    Beta-Regression and AIC (model selection)

    Hello, dear fellow R users, I am using beta regression because I am trying to predict percentages (response and dropout rates) of surveys. My aim is now to come up with a final model (I have many different variables and want to reduce them to a final model). I wanted to do that by using...
  2. Amanda_UK

    Data standardization, moving the mean

    Hi, hope you're all well! :) I'd be really thankful if someone could help me with a standardisation-code: I have psychometric test data and had to standardise the values. It worked really well with the R-code "scale". Unfortunately, I can't log the variables any more (in order to improve...
  3. Amanda_UK

    List all observations with a certain attribute

    Hello dear Fellow-R-users! I have huge datasets with US data and I'm struggling to sort them out. My question is: How do I get to see a list of, for example, all observations from "Chicago"? Data Set A has the variables "userid", "location_id", "location_lat", "hometown" etc. What...