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    Item Response Theory vs Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Hi all, I was wondering what the core, meaningful differences are between Item Response Theory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. I understand that there are differences in the calculations (focusing more on item vs. covariances; log-linear vs. linear). However, I have no idea what this...
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    Nested vs non-nested model?

    Hi all, I am running a confirmatory factor analysis and trying to work out if my two models are nested or not - this will be important for me to decide how I compare the models (e.g. using just the AIC and CFI statistics to compare the two models, or whether I can also use the chi-square...
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    Comparing proportions from the (somewhat) same sample

    Hi everybody, I’m looking for some help on testing whether there are statistical differences between proportions when the data is dependent. By dependent, I mean that all the data is from the same participants though I’m not talking about a repeated measures experimental design but instead...