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    Combination of non probability and probability sampling

    Can I use purposive sampling to select customers from a store of population size 200. And then employ simple random sampling to randomly select 100 participants from the 200 customers as my sample? My study is quantitative and wanted to know if they will be a high degree of biasing and...
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    Data analysis test?

    I want to measure the impact of customer service on business productivity. Both variables are categorical( 5 point likert scale). My sample size is 100. What will be the best test suited to determine the impact?
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    Type of statistical test?

    I am trying to measure if customer service or product quality is having an impact on performance. I am not sure what test to use? The questionnaire are all likert scale type questions with 5 level options like: strongly agree, agree, neutral etc. I was thinking of using chi square test since...