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    Multinomial regression - Interaction with too many categories

    Hi all, I am trying to predict the type of parenting style of an individual using a multinomial regression model. In the model, I include an interaction between two nominal variables, but the output is difficult to interpret due to the many categories in both variables. My interaction is...
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    Mother and father level of education into a single index/variable

    Hi All, I hope this post finds you all well! :) I am conducting a research on the educational attainment of children of immigrants. Two of my control variables are the level of education of father and the mother of the child. I have been suggested to combine these two variables into one, but I...
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    Syntax/ Production facility - Converting many .csv data files into .sav

    Hello every one! I am writing here because I am having some difficulties with the SPSS syntax and maybe someone here has gone under the same situation and found a solution. I have 30 data files is csv format; all have the same raw variables but each of them is referred to a different...
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    Syntax - Generate new variable conditional to values of other variables

    Hi everyone! I'm a sociology student and I am a SPSS beginner. I need some help with the syntax, I already looked around but I can't find how to do what I need. I have a data set that roughly looks as the one in the attached picture. I need to generate a new variable that contains, for each...
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    Hi everyone, My name is Marla, I'm an Italian master student in the field of sociology and social research. I am particularly interested in quantitative research, I usually work with stata and now I'm leaning how to use SPSS. I'm looking forward to meet you all! :)