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    Compare different risk scores in the same cohort

    Hello, i have a small question and hope you can help me. I want to compare the distribution of a prognostic score (ordinal variable) of two score methods to predict survival outcome that use different variables in a given cohort. So, both scores use a numerical score to assign the subjects to...
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    Problems with IPTW adjusted survival analysis in stata

    Hello, i hope you can maybe help me. I am trying to do a IPTW survival analysis adherent to the paper of Seisen et al. I use Stata/MP 14.0 I first did a multiple imputation and subsequently, iptw. I created a graph with a comparison of...
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    IPTW survival analysis with crossed KM

    Hello, i am new here but i have the feeling, i will be around for some time. Off to my question now :) I am currently doing a survival analysis between two groups of patients that either received an event (surgery) or not. I want to find out, how this affects different survival endpoints. Now i...