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    Type II error textbook question

    Hi, I am currently teaching myself A level statistics from a textbook, which can be difficult when I can't work out how to get from the question to the answer given in the book, so here's hoping you can help! I keep thinking I've understood the process for type II errors, and then a question...
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    Distribution of Sample Proportion Question

    Hi, apreciate any help anyone can give. I'm currently teaching myself A-level statistics from 'A Concise Course in A-Level Statistics' and I'm stuck on the below topic. In the following example, I followed it through and understood how the process worked (or so I thought!) I followed up to...
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    Combining normal variables homework question

    Hi all, First post on here, but would really appreciate any help anyone can give as I am stumped on the below question: The tensile strengths, measured in newtons (N), of a large number of ropes of equal length are independently and normally distributed such that 5% are under 706N and 5% over...