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    Association between two lab parameters over time

    I have two lab values measured in a group of trial subjects at baseline and at four equidistant follow-up visits, and I want to analyze the association between the changes in these two parameters over time. What would be the best approach for this? Thank you very much!
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    Determining an indirect confidence interval for justifying a non-inferiority margin

    I need to establish the efficacy of a test treatment (T) by means of an indirect comparison to placebo (P). Therefore a study of T vs. reference (R) will be performed, and there is 'historical' data for the comparison between R and P. The outcome measure of interest is a responder rate (i.e...
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    How to estimate a population prevalence from several primary studies

    I have received point estimates from several studies for the prevalence of a rare disease, and I would like to estimate the over-all prevalence in the population of interest, together with some indication of the precision of the estimation (preferrably a confidence interval). The trouble is that...