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  1. spoikayi

    Correlation to ratio of two variables from individual correlation.

    I am trying to estimate the correlation between three parameters, from some know correlations between some of them. I know the correlation of two variables Corr(k,1/a), Corr(k,1/(a+b)). How can I calculate Corr(k, (1/(1-(b/a)))? Also, if the two known correlations [Corr(k,1/a)...
  2. spoikayi

    Lookup table for standardized tails of Pearson curves.

    Hello everyone, Hope you guys are having a nice holiday. I am trying to write a bit of code in which I want to look up the Up' and Lp' values based on the skewness and kurtosis of my data, from the following table. I am trying to code this in Python / R / JMP, but I cant find this table in any...