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    How to report t-test, CIs, cohen's d etc of log-transformed data

    I am wondering what is best/normal practice for reporting the results of an independent t-test of log-transformed data? For context, I am comparing the value of household assets for children who are attending pre-primary school with children who are NOT attending pre-primary school in Uganda...
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    Transforming Negatively Skewed Independent Groups

    I have two independent groups, (roughly 30 in each) – and their performance on 3 different tasks, there are 10 scores in total for each group. The majority of them are negatively skewed so I know I have to reflect the data before I transform it – if the two groups have different maximum...
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    ANOVA - Orthogonal Planned Comparisons

    We've been given this question on a sample exam paper. An experimenter is exploring the effects of two appetite suppressants in rats. Suppressant A induces mild nausea, while Suppressant B suppresses the sensation of hunger. Half the subjects receive a low dose of one suppressant, and half...