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    Can I use fishers exact test in this situation?

    You can see in the below table that I have multiple cells that have expected counts <5 and cells with counts equal to zero + zero expected counts. As I want to analyze the relationship between my two variables, one being about attitude and the other about behavior, would fishers exact test be...
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    Does frequency distribution matter when using nominal/ordinal data?

    I want to do relationship analysis between different variables from questionnaire results that I've just collected and I've recently learned that you need to make sure certain assumptions are fulfilled before using certain analysis tools such as needing to have a normal distribution for your...
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    PSPP has no undo function?

    I've been using pspp a little bit so far, but when I accidentally deleted one of my cases after pressing 'clear case'and wanted to get it back, I found there was no undo button in the edit tab nor did pressing ctrl+z work. The search function on the forum seems to not be working right now so I...