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    Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistik Regression

    Hello, I'm studying about Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistik Regression. but I have trouble getting a book or reference that is related to it. does anyone know about reference from the Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistik Regression? thank you:)
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    logistic regression and ordinal logistic regression

    Hi, I am currently studying the ordinal logistic regression. I want to ask: is there a relationship between logistic regression with logistic ordinal regression? What distinguishes both of these things? thank you:)
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    robust regression estimators

    Hi everyone. I have studied the robust regression a few weeks ago and I want to have a lot of insight about it. After reading some sources, I know some estimators on robust regression, i.e. M-estimators, MM-estimators, LTS-estimators, LMS-estimators, and s-estimators. However, every source I...
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    outlier in robust regressiom

    hi, I dont understand with this statment. "robust regression can be used to detect outliers and to provide resistant (stable) results in the presence of outliers" what the meaning of " to provide resistant (stable) result inthe presence of outliers"? what the meaning of "resistant" in...