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    Std. Error Multiple Regression Question

    Hi guys, I'm stuck at interpreting the stadard error. In single regression it's clear, it's just the average distance from the line. But I don't really understand what this looks like in multiple regression. Does the standart error depend on the estimate or do I have to look at it in an...
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    p value of the constant, can I ignore it?

    I'm analysing the influence of various factors on hare harvests in a specific are. E.g. How do the hare harvests change when the fox harvests increase. Term Coef | SE-Coef | T-Value | P-Value Constant | 415.0 | 28.7 | 14.46 | 0.000 Annual fox harvest | -1.054 | 0.193 | -5.45 | 0.001...