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    Which ANOVA?

    Hi there :) I am struggling to determine which would be the most appropriate ANOVA analysis to use for some work I am doing. I have 3 independent groups: control, CBT group, and CBT + antidepressant group. For each individual, there are 2 pieces of data- before and after treatment...
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    Power Analysis

    Hi there, I am currently writing a statistics report which has to cover 2 questions: Firstly, what the correlation is between two different test scores of 30 participants. Secondly, what the power of the study is. I am really struggling to grasp what the pro's of doing a post-hoc power...
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    Psychology Stats Report Help Please

    Hi there, I'm currently working on a statistics report for a project in psychology. I've collected two lots of data: test scores on two different units of an A-level course: one group is only taking two other subjects, and a second group is taking three subjects. So essentially: 2...