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    z-score help?

    Ah that makes perfect sense, thank you! I still welcome other comments if there are other conventional approaches, but this should work for me in the meantime :)
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    z-score help?

    Hi, I asked 100 people to make a single rating one a 40-point scale. Half of them got a scale ranging from 10-50. The other half got a scale from 60-100. These are organized as two columns of (incomplete) data, column A and B. I'd like to compare their means using an independent-samples t-test...
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    Test for incomplete design?

    This is a question both about test selection and how to implement it in SPSS. I have an incomplete block design with two independent variables: 1) Payment source (3 levels: Company A vs. B vs. C) 2) Cost size (2 levels: High vs. Low cost) The dependent measure is customer satisfaction with...