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    Is it possible to run a multiple linear regression analysis when one of the categorical predictors has more than 2 groups?

    I want to run a multiple linear regression analysis with 5 categorical or continuous predictors (independent variables) for a continuous outcome (dependent variable). Is it possible to use a multiple linear regression analysis if one of the predictors has more than 2 groups?
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    effect size multiple linear regression analysis

    What parameter is used in scientific articles to express the effect size after multiple linear regression analysis?
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    Discrepancy Kaplan Meier analysis and Cox regression analysis

    I want to investigate significant predictors for disease free survival. For this, I did created Kaplan Meier curves for each possible risk factor. The significant predictors after Kaplan Meier analysis were included in a Cox regression analysis. Tumor diameter (divided in 3 categories) was a...
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    Which statistical test?

    Which test can I use for analyzing the effect of a categorical independent variable, such as preoperative ASA score (1/2/3/4), on a binary dependent variable, such as postoperative complication (yes/no)? I know that the chi squared test is an option, but this test does not tell me if the...
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    Which statistical test?

    I am interested in investigating the impact of the localization of malignant lung tumors on the pattern of lymph node metastases. The localization of the lung tumor is a categorical independent variable divided in upper lobe, middle lobe and lower lobe. The only way I can think of to investigate...
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    Linear regression analysis assumptions not met

    I want to demonstrate a possible association between a dichotomous independent variable and a continuous dependent variable. Therefore, I wanted to use a linear regression analysis. However, the dependent variable is not normally distributed, while normality is an assumption of linear regression...
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    Which test of association can I use?

    Which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a significant association between a continuous independent variable (age or BMI) and a dichotomous dependent variable (bleeding after surgery: yes/no)? Also, which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a...
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    Chi squared test assumptions not met

    I want to perform a univariate analysis to predict if a higher BMI is associated with an increased incidence of complications after surgery. I divided the BMI of patients in 4 categories (<18.5; 18.5-25; 25-30; >30) and complications in 2 categories (yes; no). I tried to use the chi squared test...
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    Software for multiple logistic regression analysis

    Which free and easy to use statistical software can I use to perform a multiple logistic regression analysis?
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    Multivariate regression versus multivariable regression

    I am doing research to predict if alcoholism is an independent risk factor for bleeding after surgery. I will perform a univariate analysis with a chi squared test to know if other factors, such as age, sex, comorbidities,... are associated with an increased risk for postoperative bleeding...