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    Interpretation help

    Hi all, I'm really struggling to interpret some of my results. I am exploring whether lie detection abilities can predict victimisation in autistic vs. neurotypical samples. Firstly, I conducted a correlation analysis between the independent variables to check for multicollinearity. It...
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    Do you have to run a correlation analysis before running a multiple regression?

    Is it a prerequisite that you must do a correlation analysis before doing a hierarchical multiple linear regression? I am short of words (only 2,500) for a paper so I was wondering if I needed to include a correlation analysis when I'm really interested in the regression. Thanks!
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    Grouped continuous data

    If my continuous dependent variable (income) is grouped into categories e.g. (<15,000; £15,001 - 19,999; £20,000 - 29,999 etc.). How do I treat this variable? Do I use dummy coding and then treat it as ordinal data? Thanks!