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    Need help with SPSS

    Hi, I have a dataset that I have been trying to analyze with SPSS. I want to run a regression on the data and I am hoping someone here can have a look and give it a shot. I have tried and I keep getting weird results. Let me know if you want to take a crack at it. Thanks
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    Linear regression analysis

    Hi all, I am having problems with analysis. I want to perform a multiple linear regression. 1). The dependent variable and all but one of the independent variables is normally distributed. I was made aware that the independent variables don't have to be normally distributed to use it for a...
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    Comparison of 2 groups on SPSS

    Hi, I have 2 separate patients data sets, one from patients with a severe disease and another from a group of patients with a milder disease. The same variables were measured for both data set. What SPSS analysis method can I use to analyze the impact of one variable on both datasets. I am...
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    SPSS help needed

    Hi, I've been toying around with some statistics on SPSS using a series of youTube videos and it isn't going well. I guess I was hoping to find someone here who could give it a shot and give an opinion. All contributions shall be acknowledged and referenced. Thanks in advance.
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    Whats the best statistical analytical method to use

    Hi, I have a data set which has a treatment variable and some outcome variables which are the result of the treatments on certain markers measured daily. I would like to see if different levels of the treatment resulted in the differences in the outcome variable (there are 4 of these, each...