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    Cox PH regression on fixed-interval (1, 2, 5-year) survival

    Dear all, I am co-author on a manuscript on a study which follows a group of patients from a certain diagnosis and studies risk factors for survival. The main author has chosen to analyze fixed-interval survival rates (1, 2 and 5-year survival) and to compare the rates between two groups of...
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    Adverse drug reaction; multiple drugs, possible event(s) per patient. What analysis?

    Hello everyone, I am currently looking for the right method to compare the incidences of a given adverse drug reaction (infection) after the exposure to four different drugs (combinations are also possible) in an observational study. Some patients can function as a case and control (after...
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    Methods in longitudinal analyses with different follow-up times

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, but registered because I am looking for the right method to use in the analyses of two different projects, both longitudinal with different follow-up times for patients. I did some research into the study methods, but wasn't sure and wanted to check on this...