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    multilevel data (cross-classified) - multiple imputations mice and miceadds

    I have some observations (Level 1) cross classified in two grouping variables (A and B at Levels 2a and 2B, respectively) in a Poisson model with an offset term: DV ~ L1o1+L1o2+L1o3+ L2a1+L2a2+L2b1+L2b2+L2b3+ L2b2:L2b3+L2b3:L2a1+ L2b2: L2a1+ L2b2:L2b3:L2a1+ offset(exp)+(1|A)+(1|B), family=...
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    Compare non-latent variables across groups

    Good afternoon, Thank you so much for your answer. I will provide you with this information you requested soon. Best regards!
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    Compare non-latent variables across groups

    Hi Lazar, Thank you so much for your response. I have been looking into metric, scalar, and strict invariance. However, the main issue is that my variables are measured, not latent (as most examples of MI use). I have tried using all four variables as manifest variables to create a latent...
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    multi group comparison

    Hi everyone, I have the following measured (observable/manifest) variables: two variables capturing two participant behaviours while solving a task two variables that measure the participant's outcomes on that task These variables are measured across different age groups. My question is...
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    Compare non-latent variables across groups

    Hi everyone, Is there a way to compare non-latent variables across groups? Can measurement invariance be applied to non-latent variables? Thank you so much, Orchid