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    Interpretation of a Q-Q plot and Shapiro-Wilk test

    I have the following output from a shapiro-wilk test: Shapiro-Wilk normality test data: goalTime W = 0.9486, p-value = 0.05751 And the Q-Q plot below: Would it be safe to say I cant reject the null hypothesis that the data is normal? What would be the...
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    Why would an attribute in a data set not be included in a generated decision tree?

    Say I have a data set of customers with information such as bank account, age, telephone, credit history, emplyoment, etc... How could when I used RapidMiner, that some attributes are not in the generated decision tree such as telephone or age? What could be the verious reasons for this?
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    [RapidMiner] Decision Tree Parameters in RapidMiner

    Hello I was wondering if somebody would kindly explain to me the different parameters I can use on a standard decision tree. By parameters I mean the following: Criterion, minimal size for split, minimal leaf size, minimal gain, maximal depth, confidence. How would I determine what those...