95% confidence interval

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    Overlapping confidence intervals and p values

    Hi, I've been given the mean and 95% confidence interval (CI) of two independent groups and asked if they were satistically significantly different or not? I know that if the CIs of the two groups don't overlap at all, then they can be considered as significantly different. However if the CI do...
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    95% CI for rare incidence rate increasing in time.

    I have a plot of 10 incidence rates across time (see picture). I want to calculate the 95% confidence interval for each rate. It would be easiest to just do a normal distribution calculation, but I'm concerned this is not applicable here. For one, they are rare events. I thought to do a poisson...
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    95% confidence intervals and null hypothesis

    if a 95% confidence interval for a sample mean is (-1.23; 2.68). what would be tthe inferential decision made from a null hypothesis test when (i) Ho: mean(mu) + 2.0, and (ii) Ho: mean(mu) = -1.0 ? support each inference with a brief explanation for why you would make that decision. and...