1. S

    categorical control variables in SEM using AMOS

    I am trying to build a model in SEM, where 3 categorical demographic variables (education (4 levels), age (5 levels), and gender (2 levels)) should be included as control variables. I plan to use SPSS AMOS. However, upon reading some documentations of AMOS, it seems AMOS can handle categorical...
  2. M

    Can AMOS produce the data for an EFA table or can this only come from SPSS?

    Hi all, Thoughts please. Obviously, AMOS is mainly used for confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation modelling (SEM) - but can data from AMOS be used to populate an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) table as part of a measure development process? Specifically can AMOS...
  3. J

    Misbehaving variable in AMOS

    Hi everyone! I'm currently doing random-intercept cross lagged panel modeling in AMOS. It's good of my variables is misbehaving. This is what happens with this variable: I click on calculate estimates, and it runs the model, but I can't click on the SECOND button (with...
  4. E

    AMOS Bayesian MCMC

    When using Bayesian MCMC in AMOS, do the MCMC algorithms allow for nonlinearity? I know all the other estimation algorithms do not [e.g. maximum-likelihood (ML)]. Also, does anyone know of any research articles that involve Bayesian CFA and measurement invariance that is similar or the same...
  5. J

    AMOS Posterior Samples

    I am conducting Bayesian analyses in SPSS AMOS. Can someone please explain to me how to output a file containing the posterior samples? I have searched the User Guide and web and can't figure out how to do this.
  6. B

    CFA AMOS - "Not estimating any user-defined estimand"

    Hey Guys! I'm really having a bad time with this trouble in AMOS. What sould I do? Because of this, when I run the analysis it doenst show much.. Like, I cant see the loadings between the variables, for example.
  7. B

    Clustering standard errors in AMOS

    Hi all, Do any of you know how to cluster standard errors in a SEM-model constructed in AMOS? I have a paper which focuses on individuals in organizations. I have about 400 individuals distributed over about 200 organizations. In 80 organizations, I have just one respondent, in the other...
  8. C

    Need Bollen-Stine Chi-square

    Hello all, I am typically an AMOS user, but have run into some non-normal data. I am happy that AMOS provides the Bollen-Stine p-value, but I'd love to be able to get the corrected Chi-Square value as well. I think that Mplus can do this (and perhaps R Lavaan). Does anyone now of a way to...
  9. G

    [AMOS] Model with a categorical IV

    Hi all, I am looking for some AMOS advice regarding an experiment I've conducted, with a categorical IV. How should I include this categorical IV in AMOS? Experiment background: Participants in the experiment received a news item about brand A, brand B, or brand C (3 different types of...
  10. K

    [amos] Paths non-significant, but good model fit?

    I never had this problem. I have a model that checks out all good from chi to RMSEA. However, all my path loadings are small and way non-significant. What? Has anyone eve had this? If so, how do you interpret this?
  11. H

    How to report the results of a complex path analysis in AMOS?

    So, I started with a model with 5 IVs and 7 DVs. This model had a poor fit (RMSEA = 0.405, CFI=0.760 or so). Most of my hypotheses were not confirmed, i.e. many regression coefficients were not significant, so there were no relationships between many variables. Next, I started to prune the...
  12. M

    Categorical data in SEM using AMOS. How can results be interpreted?

    I'm very new in SEM and I'm concerned about the reliability of Bayesian estimation of categorical variable in AMOS; then, if it is reliable, how can I interpret those results? How can I know which category is associated with the outcome in the latent variable? It is assumed that only that...
  13. Z

    AMOS graphics arrow length of unique variable

    Am using AMOS for the first time today. When I added the unique variable to an item, the arrow length (on left and right side) is extremely long and goes outside the paper. The arrow length is perfect when the unique variable is put on top and bottom of the item. How do I resize the arrow length?
  14. C

    How do you display the significance level (*) on the AMOS 23 graphic???

    I have done this in an early version of AMOS a while back but I can't figure out how to display the significance level asterisks on the actual AMOS 23 graphic for publication. More specifically, I need to know how to place the asterisks with the correlations/covariances on the model graphic...
  15. H

    path analysis

    If I wish to do path analysis, how would I put the these variables in a model? I have 2 IVs (e.g. A and B), 1 DV (e.g. C). And A,B and C can be measured using questionnaires. For each variable, A has 2 sub-constructs, (e.g. subA1 and subA2) B also has 2 sub-constructs, (e.g. subB1 and...
  16. T

    [AMOS] Estimate Missing Values using FIML and export them to SPSS

    Hi! I have a dataset with 1000 cases und 100 variables. In 200 cases the last 20 variables are missing. I want to use AMOS to do a FIML estimate of the missing data and export the datasheet to SPSS for further analysis. I added every observed variable to the model in AMOS, but I didn't...
  17. B

    Multiple Mediation Model using INDIRECT Macro Vs. Amos - different results!

    Hi, I have a multiple mediation model with 1 IV, 6 mediators, and 1 DV (all are continuous variables). I also have one covariate to control for. I ran a mediation analysis using those variables (plus the covariate) using INDIRECT macro by Preacher & Hayes. Two of my partial mediations were...
  18. hanialbarni

    How can i check from this table if data normally distrubtion or not ?

    Hello How can I check from this output if data normally distribution or not ?
  19. M

    [AMOS] Negative variances despite admissibility test

    Hi there, I would really appreciate any help with this. In AMOS, I'm performing EFA. I have selected the Admissibility Test in the AMOS options. However, when I try to see the standardized direct effects, I still get a message saying that: "This matrix could not be estimated because there...
  20. C

    AMOS: Error modelling censored data ("no model has been specified")

    Hi all, This is my first experience with censored data in AMOS. I'm getting this set of messages when I try to make Bayesian estimation: Message 1: Error: no model has been specified Message 2: The value, 0,65, of the variable, var.1, can\t be interpreted Message 3: Bayesian estimation...