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    Calculating Variance Explained by Effect: High Intercept Sum of Squares Problem

    Hi :) Context: I'm using G*Power to conduct a post hoc power analysis. The study design is a 2x2 Two-Way ANOVA. ANOVA was done in SPSS. Within G*Power, I'm using Protocol of power analyses -> F tests -> ANOVA: Fixed effects, special, main effects and interactions. Then to get the effect...
  2. B

    Mixed Repeated Measures and Independent Measures One-Way ANOVA [SPSS]

    Hello, I am trying to determine the best way to carry out my one-way ANOVA in SPSS. I have three groups: Pre-Surgery, Post-Surgery, and Control. Technically, the Pre- and Post-Surgery groups are repeated measures but the comparison to the control would be independent. How would I go...
  3. O

    Variables are awkward. Which test should I run for this memory experiment?

    Basically I'm doing a recall experiment where participants are separated into 2 groups and asked to visualize the words in a specific context depending on the group. I am measuring how each independent variable does in recall (not interested in the interactin of the IVs with each other). Which...
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    Help! What statistical analysis test should I use?

    Hello, I am no good at statistics and need help figuring out which statistical test I should use for a hypothetical research project. This is for a paper- I am not actually doing the research. Therefore, I probably have not defined all of variables necessary...but here goes...your help is...
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    Test to identify bias in staff recording data - some guidence please

    Hi, First post on this forum. Have tried to search for the correct answer in this forum, but have not found it (perhaps I'm not searching correctly) I am involved in a project where staff observe items and record their observations on an input device (iPads in this case). The data set is quite...
  6. L

    Non Significant ANOVA results - need to explain why.

    I was given data to work on for a lab report. I did a 2 x 2 between subjects ANOVA (if it matters n=187). Main effect of IV1 was not significant. Main effect of IV2 was not significant. Interaction was not significant (although was .62 which I'm supposed to report as "marginally...
  7. S

    Which STAT to use? Compare one persons total Seizures in a month over 12 months

    My goal is to find out if there is a significant difference between the total numbers of seizures in a month over the course of a year for one individual. I have collected data for September, October, November, December and January. I want to carry out a statistical analysis comparing months...
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    RM-anova: Plotting a 3-way interaction in one graph or two graphs?

    I'm wondering if it's possible to plot my 3-way interaction in one graph in SPSS for my thesis. My design is: Dependant variable: Amount of correctly translated words Within-subjects: valence of words (Positive/Negative/neutral) within-subjects: time (posttraining/followUp)...
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    General linear mixed model - 5 years

    Dear all, every help is highly appreciated! I have a data set that looks like the one I attached to this post. I have five independent variables for each company (for each time period one). Now I need to know, if the values significantly increase over the time of five year. In other words I...
  10. R

    Calculation of Sample Size for one-way ANOVA

    Hello, I have problem of calculating sample size for one-way ANOVA. My settings is the following: Population size = 100 Controlled group = 1 group Treatment group = 2 groups Power = 0.8 Alpha = 0.05 Group allocation ratio: All groups have the same sample size standard deviation of...
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    Please help! Should i use a Mixed ANOVA?

    I am struggling on which type of ANOVA to use for my work, I will provide as many details below about the study design, at the moment I am thinking mixed ANOVA but im encountering some problems which suggest that I have chosen the wrong type. I have two groups, one with a particular defect...
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    ANOVA 2-way all subgroup combinations

    Hello - I am wanting to do 2-way ANOVA tests in SAS. I am having trouble getting results against all the subgroups I want to. It is best explained by the dummy data file I created (attached). I want to see ANOVA results of all 'Size' and 'Industry' group combinations. So for example the...
  13. B

    Data with > values

    Okay, so with the data set I currently have I would usually run a one way ANOVA with probably a Dunnets post hoc test to compare and find the statistical differences. I am encountering a problem in that with the experiment used there are a number of values which exceeded the maximal stimuli. For...
  14. S

    Main effect vs. Interaction effect in ANOVA

    I think that a researcher is in general more likely to find a significant main effect than a significant interaction effect in ANOVA. Do you agree with me? Why?
  15. E


    Sorry for the wall of text, but I'm trying to figure out how to proceed and feel as though I need to clue you in as best I can. Experimental Design: Whole plot: Tree species (Spp) Subplot: Location relative to canopy boundary (In/Out) Tests: 2-way ANOVA on data collected for several...
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    Can I use ANOVA on Rstudio using a Likert Scale like questionnaire ?

    Hello, this is my first post on talkstats so hopefully I make sense. I am 'Comparing Interactive verse non-interaction education displays of Insect and Reptile and Amphibian Conservation'. I handed out a questionnaire to three different groups; a control, a group that was part of the...
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    Samples p-value in ANOVA

    Hi, my problem regards ANOVA: if the ANOVA test is sginificant (p-value<0.05), is there a way to calculate a p-value for each sample, in order to detect which is (are) significant different from the others? I know there are some post hoc tests, like Tukey or Scheffé, but they all compare...
  18. H

    Non-parametric tests for repeated measures data

    Hi, I'm having difficulty finding an appropriate test for my data. The experiment is looking at the distance animals have moved from a translocation site over a 12 week period (measured weekly), where animals are divided into 3 treatments (ie. I am looking at whether the different...
  19. K

    ANOVA - which one to use?

    Hello, we are doing an experiment where body consistence (weight, proportion of muscles, fat, water in body etc.) is measured. We have 103 respondents, water and banana (factor meal) were given to EACH of them a then they were measured in 5 different times (time 0, immediately after consuming...
  20. Y

    How can I do one-way ANOVA for each GENDER? The data has 5 treatments and has gender considerations. I would like to do a one-way ANOVA within each gender and have it displayed like the attached photo. How can I do this? Thanks! James