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    Appropriateness of using ANOVA on PC-scores (PCA)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum but wanted to ask a question about the appropriateness of using a test such as ANOVA or Mann-Whitney U test on the PC-scores of a Principal Component Analysis. I have recently received the critique on a submitted manuscript that it is problematic that I did...
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    Help with my research question analysis

    Hi everyone, I am a doctor working on a project investigating an intervention we have been using in the intensive care unit in my hospital for treating Covid patients. I am collecting data on all the patients who have been admitted and look at whether they have had this intervention, whether it...
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    I don't know whether I'm doing ANOVA right!!

    I want to find the significant difference between two groups (1 and 2). As my teacher said I should use anova. but i dont know whether i'm doing that right or not. so these are the percentages: 42.3 44.2 57.6 60.1 66.2 22.6 36.8 58.3 71.6 91.8 the first 5 ones are group 1 and the rest are group...
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    Testing for similarity between countries

    For my thesis, I am looking at the effect of environmental controversies on the profitability of Chinese and European firms. As part of my exploratory analysis, I have to check whether or not the European countries are similar enough to consider them as 1 group. I collected data on economic...
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    Comparison Between Three Groups Over Time

    Which statistical test should I use to compare between three groups over time (28 days) using means calculated for the whole group?
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    [ANOVA in R] Which ANOVA to run?

    Dear forum members, I have been looking for a solution that fits my analysis both on this forum and the web and have returned empty handed so decided to post my own thread. For my Master's thesis, we have performed an experiment with 160 plants from 10 different genotypes, divided in 2...
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    What test should i use? THESIS HELP!!

    Hi, I am currently studying Zoology at university. I am currently in my final year conducting my dissertation. I have completed my data collection and I am now on to my statistics. My dissertation looks at the relationship between light intensity and growth rate in marine sponges. I have 5...
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    One way ANOVA or Two Way ANOVA?

    Hi all. I was given this assignment and asked to analyse the data (5% level of significance). Should I be using two one-way ANOVAs to compare the effect of preservative and days (independent variables) on the bacterial count (dependent) separately? Or should I be using a two-way ANOVA to...
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    What Statistical Treatment can I use in this type of data?

    We are currently conducting a small study and have very small background in Statistical Analysis. We conducted some experiments and have gathered some data. Can anyone help me in identifying what type of Statistical Treatment we can use for this? The second column pertains to the number of...
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    Intepretation of Results

    Can someone help me interpret the following results or tell me how i can do it ? Need to explain these results in my thesis. I would be really thankful for any kind of help.
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    Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please?

    Hi! Could someone explain "sphericity in ANOVA" for me, please? I am a complete dummy, so I need a "for dummies-explanation". I would be very grateful for the help. All the best!
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    Choosing the best ANOVA

    Hello, I have this data set and I have quite some trouble choosing and running the best ANOVA to deal with it. There's a 2x2 design: testing if people who are blind have better hearing than people with normal vision, and whether this is influenced by the type of sound. The data are thresholds...
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    Independent, non-normal, unbalanced, analysis of an interaction effect

    I have previously used straightforward two-way ANOVAs for comparing bone density across sport disciplines. I have males (M) and females (F) across low impact (LI) and high impact (HI) sports (N = 92). I have 24 males and females in in the LI group, 19 females in the HI group, but 39 males in the...
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    Marketing research project - ANOVA or Chi Square test?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing a marketing research project at university. It requires me to create a survey on Qualtrics and to then collect and analyze the data with SPSS. The project also absolutely requires that I use the following statistical tests: I. Chi square test for independence...
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    Two continuous variables (scores), one categorical variable (gender), how to test?

    I want to compare OCD scores (continuous variable) to PTSD scores (continuous variable), by gender (categorical). Basically I want to know whether OCD scores depend on PTSD scores and gender. What can I use for this? I know I can't use two-way ANOVA because I have one continuous independent...
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    ANOVA Interaction plot with hand, not with R

    Hallo everyone, I had to do an excercise from inferential statistics, but I have no idea how I have to do it. This is the homework: In one experiment, when they asked for the bill, restaurant visitors in the Netherlands and the US were given an additional ticket in addition to the bill. In...
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    t-test or ANOVA? urgent

    Hi, I am looking for advice about which stat test to use in my data analysis for our psychology class. We collected data on reasoning tests scores. I have two groups of participants 1) non-bilingual 2) bilingual and dependent variable in the form of reasoning scores in 1) spatial reasoning...
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    Statistically significant difference between distributions only knowing the mean and std dev?

    I have 3 specimens (A, B & C) and 5 sets of observations from A & B but only 4 from C. Each observation has been reported as a mean & a standard deviation. I do not have access to the underlying data. I am curious about whether the samples are statistically different from each other as far as...
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    Anova test post-hoc error

    Dear All, Please help me with my statistics... I am using 5 different dimensions to interpret the correlation among them. For instance, Burnout is negatively related to engagement. All dimensions have at least 3 Lickert scale data. Now, I would interpret the analysis among them, trying with...
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    Multiple ANCOVAs: Post hoc Bonferroni, FDR, or can I use MANCOVA?

    Hi, I am comparing a protein level in multiple (40 to 4000 depending on the analysis) brain areas across three diagnostic groups, with a couple of covariates. I am using ANCOVA to compare the three groups. What is the best way to account for multiple comparisons? Where I am conducting large...