applied statistics

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    Project Issue.

    I am a student of statistics discipline. I have to conduct a project which i can apply in society or nation. My preferable topics are agricultural/technological/environmental statistics. But i am not understanding how can i specialize my topic, make it applicable and can have an ample online...
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    Estimating Covariate Effects on Likert-Scale Response Data

    I am working on a problem where we elicit medical residents perceptions regarding the importance of specific core medical competencies (professionalism, collaboration, medical expertise, etc.) on a 5 point Likert scale. For example, "In your current residency role how important is...
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    Trying to Switch From Qualitative Field into Statistics

    Hello everyone, I've always been into statistics but I never studied it, other than a little in high school. I've decided I want to try to get a job in the 'big data' field, or any job where I would analyze data in ways that enable business decisions, for example being the guy at Facebook who...
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    Suggestions to improve this sports model?

    Based on the second table "January window spend by place..." in this article, I came up with an LM attempting to determine if, in the English soccer league, there's a relationship between the average season's end ranking in the league table (there are 20 teams, three of which change every...
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    What statistical procedures do I need to know to be a proficient psychologist?

    Or epidemiologist? Also, Do I need to go back and study matrix algebra in detail? Thank you? What are your experiences?