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    Essay Question

    Hello all, I have to write an essay at the moment and unfortunately I am stuck on a question, maybe you can help me with it. The question is as follows: "Describe in your own words how an approximation method that determines a confidence interval for the mean of a population from a sample can...
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    Normal Approximation to the binomial

    I'm trying to calculate the probability that there are greater than 300 successes from a pool of 1000 trials. I am told to use the normal approximation to the binomial and this is where is gets confusing. I have tried calculating the standard dev using =SQRT((100*0.3)*(1-0.3)). I am on the right...
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    Using central limit theorem for approximation

    I am working on a past exam question and I am not so sure whether or not my answer is correct. If anybody could give me any guidance i would be most appreciated. I have attached the question and my solution in a jpeg file.
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    Central limit theorem - Approximation the Sum of Bernoullis to Normal Distribution

    Hello, I'm new in this forum and I would like to ask for your help. I have a set of Independent Bernoulli random variables, but they are not identically distributed, with different success probabilities. I would like to approximate the Sum of this random variables, but since they are not...