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    Merge individual clustered bar charts as a single chart?

    I've been trying to create a specific bar chart by using Statistica 12.5 and Excel 2016, no luck however. I want to place my ecological parameters on the X-axis and numerical values (0 to 12) on the Y-axis. Additionally, at the same time I would like each parameter on the X-axis to have its...
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    Trying to order a histogram/barchart by factor number but using factor name as labels

    I have data on mushroom edibility that looks like this: SpeciesName Edibility EdibilityRank abruptibulbus Good 3 arvensis Choice 1 bisporus Good 3 bitorquis Choice 1 campestris Choice 1 diminutivus...
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    Stacked bar chart, Pre vs Post

    Hi Guys, Basically I have two variables test_pre and test_post. My variables assessed participants self-assessed knowledge using a 5 point liker scale (little to high). I would like to create a stacked bar chart of my two variables- bar next to the other. How can I do this. I google it but...