bayes thoerem

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    Please tell if this is correct

    There are error in programs which have two parts Part A and Part B. P(error in A) = 0.13 P(error in B) = 0.38 P(program crash when error in A) = 0.6 P(program crash when error in B) = 0.692 P(prog crash when an error in both A and B) = 0.79 Q1)Your program crashed. Find P(error in both...
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    Total probability theorem in bayes theorem question

    Let it be assumed that you are working on a project in R. The project consists of two parts. The first part is based on descriptive statistics and the second one is to model the data. The probability that there is an error is the first part, is 0.13. As the second part is more mathematical so...
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    Is P(x) = P(x | y )*P(y) + P(x | ~y )*P(~y) according to Bayes theorem?

    Can anyone tell me if this equation valid? If yes how? I have tried to check on google but couldn't find it! If this equation is valid then I will be able to solve a question on Bayes theorem. Thanks!
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    Looking for the best way to use my available data in a predictive model

    I have several pieces of data available, but I'm not sure about the best use of it in a predictive model. I envision using a regression, then plugging the predicted values into a monte carlo simulation for optimization. I'm wondering how an experienced statistician would use the available data...
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    Probability of Sporting Event Occurring

    Hello everyone I am trying to establish whether it is possible (or appropriate) to calculate the probability of a sporting event occurring given the historic ratio of such event happening. Let me explain a little more in detail - for the purpose of this exercise, I am discounting the fact...
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    Estimating parameter from conditionals of non-independent data

    The context of this problem is the estimation of the distribution of a parameter v given sets of data A and B, where A and B are not independent. Suppose I know P(v | A) and P(v | B). Both of these distributions are definitely not normal (the answer should not make any assumptions about the...
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    Bayes thoerem, can you check my solution please?

    Hi, I'm terrible at statistics, i hope someone can help. A ship sank into the sea and is now laying in a fixed but uknown position on the bottom of the sea in either British or foreign wanters. The probability that the ship is in British waters is 0.7. An extensive search is planned through...