binary variables

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    Mediation analysis: 3 binary variables

    Hi, In my research I want to test a model with 3 binary variables: -X = year (year x, year x) -Y = volunteering (no, yes) -M = caregiving (no, yes) Since this is not possible with the Process macro, is it possible using the Baron and Kenny method? Thanks in advance!
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    Omitting binary combinations in marginsplot

    Hello! I am interacting a binary independent variable (x) on two moderating binary moderating variables (y, z). margins, at(x = (0 1) y = (0 1) z = (0 1)) I am searching for the option in STATA to omit certain combinations of these three variables when plotting a marginsplot. For...
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    Logistic Regression: To dummy code or not to? Which backward elimination to use?

    I have 10 binary dependent variables (disease prevalence: yes/no, 1/0). I want to do a logistical regression with each of them with the following binary categorical independent variables: - Year (8 levels) - Gender (2 levels) - Age (11 levels) - Season (2 levels) - Location (10 levels)...