1. Soccer23

    Binomial Probabilities

    Please help me with these two math problems! Please help me with these statistics problems! I'm really new to this online program for school and it's really hard without a teacher or peers to ask for help! :( Approximately 2% of the nation's children (about 1.7 million) have a parent who is...
  2. J

    Binomial Probability, Real Limits, X=0

    Can someone have guessed on quiz and got all 50 questions wrong, but still get 100%? Thanks in advance! :D
  3. B

    PDF Stats =/

    The number of vehicles leaving a turnpike at a certain exit during a particular time period has approximately a normal distribution with mean value 400 and standard deviation 75. Determine the proabilities below. (Round all answers to four decimal places.) (a) What is the probability that...