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    Help with Fisher's Exact Test

    We're working a paper and the editor is asking me to use FET to calculate if the difference in capture between High Traps and Low Traps is statistically significant. We have two years of data. In our first attempt we have the data as Species 1: 1 specimen in HT and 10 specimens in LT. Jamovi is...
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    Power Calculation

    Hi, I have a power calculation question. I have an initial study that has 6 subjects (all treatment group) and a follow-up study with 60 subjects (randomized into treatment and placebo 1:1). Can I find the probability of any of the 60 subjects experiencing an Adverse event, if >=33% of the...
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    Is ANOVA right for me?

    Hi there! So I am relatively new to the statistical side of biological data and want to know the best test for my data. The experiment was looking at the concentration of a hormone over time between two treatments with multiple replicates. something like this: Treatment A: Rep 1...