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    How to test likelihood hypothesis on dataset?

    How to test the following hypothesis? Customers with larger fares are more likely to be travailing alone than smaller ones. Using the data below, is a common statistical test appropriate for this hypothesis? Given were comparing different segments(high vs low) of fare, surely tests using means...
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    Binomial/Poisson (or any ) Distribution for finding out probability of me getting into a business school,plz help with my calculation.

    Probability of getting into a business school is 10%,I have applied to 12 business schools,what is probability that i get accepted by atleast 1 of them? My solution as per Binomial Distribution:- Probability of success(p)=1/10...
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    Greetings From NY

    I'm in the process of starting a business and i'm looking to develop an online advisory board. Anyone have any knowledge and experience in the business, entrepreneur, restaurant industries?
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    Calculating probability that a business will find a buyer and sell

    Bare with me whilst I try and explain this one. I work for a business that finds companies to buy a client business that's signed up with us. I have been compiling a spreadsheet with data of deals completed and closed during the past 2 years, and what I want to do is find a way to calculate the...