categorical data

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    Missing value treatment for categorical & continues variables and testng MCAR/MAR

    Hello everybody, My dataset (N=90) consists of ordinal variables serving as IVs and dichotomous and continuous variables serving as DVs. IVs and DVs were assessed in two seperate experiments with the same sample. My proximal goal is to build scales from the IVs and the DVs. I am using PWSTAT...
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    Help in categorizing data

    Hi, I am working on my dissertation and am stuck with the data analysis. :confused: I am dealing with 4 variables, all of which are categorical variables. The unit of my data analysis is a dyad while the unit of data collection is an individual. All the variables are measured on an ordinal...
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    two contingency table

    When i use chi square , odds ratio and difference of proportion got similar findings. Which may be the best statistic for this type of research and why?
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    More than 2 categorical variable+1 continuous variable as independent variable

    I am a civil engineering student and have no relation with statistics. Now I am working on my master thesis and I have got to work on SPSS now, which I have no idea about. Tried to learn a lot from youtube and internet, but still I could not find a proper ans which will explain my problem 1...
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    Reducing Number of Categorical Variables

    I have an abundant amount of categorical variables pertaining to an epidemiological study. I need to filter these down to a succinct list and wish to develop an overall model as well as sub-models based on a specific environmental categorical attribute as an independent/ explanatory variable...
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    Interaction effects of nominal and ordinal variables on binary dependant variable

    Hi! I'm doing an analysis of interaction effects of one binary nominal variable (medication used), one ordinal variable (duration of therapy ; 1-few weeks, 2-less than 3 months, 4-less than six months, 5-more than six months) and one interval variable (age) on binary dependant variable (0- does...
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    Variance inflation and interactions between variables?

    Hello everyone I am having trouble interpreting some of my results. I am using logistic regression to infer a model based on measured data. Some of my explanatory variables are continuous (e.g. temperature [°C]) and some are categorical (e.g. time of day [night, morning, day, afternoon...
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    Binary DV and orthogonal contrasts

    PLEASE HELP: Binary Dependent Variable and orthogonal contrasts HEEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!! The data I am trying to analyse has a binary dependent variable (1=yes, 0=no) and tow factors. Factor 1 is a treatment variable (treatment 1, 2, 3, 4) and Factor 2 is a manipulation (1=low , 2=high). I...
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    How to compare categorical data for more than 2 groups?

    I'm trying to compare categorical data between 4 groups i.e : smoking history (yes or no) between 4 groups of cancer staging (stage I to IV) Some of the cells has 0 value in it (every person in stage I never smoke, while stage II has 5 smokers, etc) Can I still use Chi-squared test for this...
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    Ordinal data+ independent factors+Marketing analysis+SPSS= HELP!!!!

    Hi, I desperately need help analyisng my survey data. Which tests do i use in order to test the relationship between my variables, and to see if my dependent variable can predict bahaviours in others. Here is the deal: I am investigating 6 products (independent) (i think this is...
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    Fisher's exact test

    I have always learned that if you have a contingency table that violates the chi square assumption of more than 20% of cells having expected count less than 5, the chisq. test is invalid. If that happens use the fisher exact test. SAS is the only program that I have found to support the test...
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    Trend data with categorical independent variables

    I have 4 time points (future timepoints will be added shortly) measured for each company (about n=150). Each company is associated with one of 20 regions which is associated with one of six cities. At each time point, a % injured is calculated that was converted to a specific rate. I think...
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    Mantel-Haenszel test? Numerical vs categorical data

    Hello, and thanks in advance for any help! I'm testing my hypothesis that certified physicians are more likely to be younger than the overall physician population age in the state. However, I have no way of gathering numerical data on the overall physician age- All I can get is age-ranges...