1. V

    Calculating Cauchy's PDF, using domain definition drawings of F_X/Y(z)

    Hi, I am trying to draw F (CDF of Cauchy) using X/Y relation for X,Y~N(0,1) iids and at some point very shortly I get lost. Especially because I don't know if I'm on the right direction. Could you direct me to the right way of solving this using the way I chose? So. Problem: Given X,Y~N(0,1)...
  2. Forest Finder

    Haunted by Cauchy – A medium level problem

    Hi Let's suppose X1 and X2 are two Normally distributed variables. [In general, X1 is from N(m1,s1^2) and X2 from N(m2, s2^2) where m1<m2 and s1^2≠s2^2.] However, let’s say, for the sake of starting the discussion, that both are Normally distributed N(1,2^2) and N(2,3^2). One of X1 or X2 is...
  3. N

    Deriving further values from regression coefficients

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m trying to derive another value from the coefficients of two regression equations. I have 2 regression equations (for example) Miles traveled/year = α1 + β1X + δ1Y Fuel used/year = α2 + β2X + + δ2Y X = engine size and Y = tire pressure The...
  4. H

    plotting log likelihood function

    Here is the code I am using to try to plot a log likelihood curve (cauchy distribution): X=rcauchy(10) h <- function(x) log(1+(x-X[1])^2) + ... + log(1+(x-X[10])^2) curve(h, from = -8, to = 7) But I get the error message 'Error in h(x) : '...' used in an incorrect context' How do...
  5. I

    Need help with joint distribution involving cauchy distributions

    Okay so I know that help is only given to those who show effort, but I'm totally stuck on this one, I don't even know where to start. I know what the Cauchy distribution is and i could plug it in for the Y variables, but I don't know where that would get me. Please help me out!