1. N

    Dealing with censored dates as regressors

    I'm estimating a linear model, with one of the independent variables being a date of appearance. I consider the date to be a minimum date of appearance, not an obeserved one. Thus it is censored. What would be the proper estimation to approach this?
  2. R

    log(0) should have a real value!!!

    Dear all, I’ve been stuck for quite some time with a problem that relates to use of log-scale with values that equal zero. My data comes from an experiment in which five different instruments (one of them using the reference method) take two measurements of a given sample’s signal...
  3. C

    Kaplan-Meier Estimate

    Let T_i is the survival time for individual i (i=1,2,\ldots, n) and C_i be the time to censoring. Let U_i=\min(T_i,C_i). And \hat S(U_i) is the Kaplan-Meier estimator for the censoring distribution. Suppose R_i and Z_i are two indicator functions. Also,p is a probability. Consider the following...
  4. M

    MLE parameter estimation error in R for Exponential Distribution

    I am doing a statistical modeling and doing right and left censoring. I have difficulty to fit my data to exponential distribution as I am getting the following error in R: the function mle failed to estimate the parameters, with the error code 100 I do not want to shift or rescale my data...
  5. M

    Estimating Mean of a Poisson Distribution Based on Interval censoring

    Dear all, I appreciate that if you let me know if there is any package implemented in R for Estimating Mean of a Poisson Distribution Based on Interval censoring? And if yes, could you please provide some information about it:) By the way, is there anything for lognormal?I think...
  6. D

    How to treat age-specific left-censored data

    I would like to study how the death of a respondent's parent affects his personality (or whatever DV). I have an age of respondent, and also an age when respondent lost his parent. The problem is that these records are available only 23 years back. That is if somebody lost his parents 25 years...
  7. H

    Help with Kaplan-Meier Analysis

    Hello We have done a retrospective study on the survival of fillings in teeth. The situation is as follows: When the filling was lost: Coded as "1" and survival time was noted When the filling is intact: Coded as "0" I have a problem here.... There are some cases when the tooth as a...