1. C

    Testing hypothesis of difference in factor loadings across multiple scales in two questionnaires

    I'm unsure of how to test this hypothesis and would greatly appreciate your ideas: For illustrative purposes, let's assume that two groups of people (experts vs. novices) author a questionnaire with five scales (scale1 to scale5). Let's further assume that I have reason to hypothesize that when...
  2. L

    CFA - Chi Square and SRMR - Fit Indices

    Hello, I'm running a cfa to examine a scale with 3 correlated factors (subscales) and 14 observed variables (items) and n=79 (which is actually, unfortunately way too small for cfa). The chi²-test is significant, so actually I should reject the model, but it is recommended to additionally...
  3. L

    Outlier analysis in CFA - Generalized Cook's Distance

    Hello everybody, I'm running a cfa with the correlated factors and 14 indicator variables in R. For my multivariate outlier analysis I chose Generalized Cook's Distance. The result is: 10 outliers with a range from 1 to 50. To be honest my problem is that I have no idea 1. how to interprete...
  4. F

    Factor Analysis newbie seeks your help

    Hi, Perhaps unwisely as a newcomer to stats, I have taken on a scale validation project. I’ve searched the literature and can’t find anything so this is the issue: I’m developing a scale that (hypothetically) will identify, differentiate and measure two different constructs occurring in...
  5. C

    Prior knowledge of Confirmatory Factor Analysis required for Principal Component Analysis (PCA)?

    Can someone please tell me the prerequisites to learn PCA? Is prior knowledge of CFA needed? I am new to the topic. Thanks in advance!
  6. M

    Can AMOS produce the data for an EFA table or can this only come from SPSS?

    Hi all, Thoughts please. Obviously, AMOS is mainly used for confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation modelling (SEM) - but can data from AMOS be used to populate an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) table as part of a measure development process? Specifically can AMOS...
  7. J

    Confirmed model doesn't fit with different population. Should I return to EFA or not?

    I am trying to confirm the model for a 16-item measure. It has been confirmed for a homogeneous group, however, I want to determine if the model fits a heterogeneous (diverse) group. I ran a CFA using LISREL; however, the output for the fit tests are not within acceptable ranges. I have...
  8. R

    Interpreting CFA Output

    I have recently been performing confirmatory factor analysis to assess model fit for an established measure, the measure has previously been criticised for poor internal consistency in the relevant literature, but has yet to be administered for use in the UK. I am looking to assess a 15-item...
  9. B

    Help understanding separate- and joint- factor analyses in CFA and ESEM

    Folks, I am reading an article that tested 2 models--one with an hypothesized separate-factor relationship between five pairs of personality dimensions as measured by two personality assessments, the other with a hypothesized joint-factor relationship between the dimensions--using CFA and...
  10. E

    AMOS Bayesian MCMC

    When using Bayesian MCMC in AMOS, do the MCMC algorithms allow for nonlinearity? I know all the other estimation algorithms do not [e.g. maximum-likelihood (ML)]. Also, does anyone know of any research articles that involve Bayesian CFA and measurement invariance that is similar or the same...
  11. B

    CFA AMOS - "Not estimating any user-defined estimand"

    Hey Guys! I'm really having a bad time with this trouble in AMOS. What sould I do? Because of this, when I run the analysis it doenst show much.. Like, I cant see the loadings between the variables, for example.
  12. Z

    LISREL-SIMPLIS 2nd Order MultiGroup Measurement invariance Testing

    Hi Hi. I am using LISREL 8.8 (Simplis Commands) I am stuck in doing 2nd order Multigroup measurement Invariance - specifically i cannot get through the stage for equal intercepts (strong invariance/Measurement intercepts) I kept having errors and model does not converge. Hope some one...
  13. N

    Subscale CFA

    Hi, An existing questionnaire I am using (23 items, supposedly 2 subscales, N = 700) has shown poor fit to the 2-factor model as specified by its designers (confirmatory factor analysis yielded a CFI and TLI both <.70). Subsequently, I performed a CFA on the items of the subscale I am most...
  14. N

    [R - Lavaan] Which estimator for confirmatory factor analysis?

    Hi, Currently I am using Rstudio with the Lavaan package in order to perform a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) on a dataset (N = ~ 700, 23 observed variables, 2 factors). The problem, however, is that the data are not even close to being multivariate normal, with a Mardia's kurtosis of 378...
  15. B

    Problems with confirmatory factor analysis in R

    I am trying to teach myself confirmatory factor analysis by working through examples in a textbook. The textbook only contains syntax for LISREL or SAS but I'm trying to learn it with R. When I estimate models without any equality constraints or correlated errors, I get the exact same output as...
  16. H


    Hello there. Does anyone know if there is any way to use the 'factoran' function in MATLAB to perform a Confirmatory Factor Analysis? Thank you so much and best wishes.
  17. Martin Marko

    A thought about the link between Revelle's β coeff and CFA. Related?

    Hi stat freaks! :confused: I've just conducted an analysis of a scale's consistency (coeffs alpha, beta, omega, theta) and CFA to inspect the scale. I was wondering about the relation between Revelle's beta coeff. and CFA results. Beta coef. = estimates the worst possible split half of a item...
  18. F

    Confirmatory factor analysis error message

    Hi, I'm new to R and I'm attempting to run a CFA model using the lavaan package. So far I have imported my data from SPSS and specified my model and I am now try to fit the model and am getting an error message (please see below syntax and error message) > SCS.model <- 'rank =~ SCS001 +...
  19. S

    Item Response Theory vs Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Hi all, I was wondering what the core, meaningful differences are between Item Response Theory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. I understand that there are differences in the calculations (focusing more on item vs. covariances; log-linear vs. linear). However, I have no idea what this...
  20. A

    RMSEA impacted by high reliability scores..

    Hello again Sorry - In relation to running Confirmatory Factor Analysis - I'm wondering whether someone is aware of RMSEA being impacted by high reliability scores ? As background, I understand that RMSEA can be affected by high factor loadings. Currently, I have a construct with 6...