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    Stattistical test for multiple reponses

    Hi to everyone, I ran a survey and one question was to indicate which accommodation (hotels, apartment, b&b, ...) respondents prefer when travelling. Thery were allowed to select more than one option. The survey was completed by two different groups: university students and workers aged 25-35...
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    Can someone please confirm if I have selected the right tests for hypothesis testing?

    Hi, this is my first post here, hope that I'm doing this correctly! I'm taking a statistics course for my master's where we need to do some hypothesis testing with a pre-defined data set using R. I am unsure about what the most appropriate statistical test to use is, so I was wondering if...
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    SPSS - enter a single case twice without increasing the total number of the cases

    I am in a data analysis phase of my PhD project which is archaeological in nature. I am looking at the distribution of lamps across time (N=687). Most of my lamps (cases) are coded into 50-year brackets within a single categorical variable (0-50 CE =1, 50-100 CE =2, 100-150 CE =3, 150-200 CE...
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    Pooling time points to perform a Fisher test?

    Hello, I am currently trying to analyse an experiment to assess if rats with cerebral malformations have a sensitivity deficit on one of their front paws. I put 2 sticky dots on their front paws then look which side they turn to first. I repeated this over 4 trials. So my data look like...
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    Outliers in categorical data?

    Hello! I am working on a pre-analysis plan and have to specify what I am going to do with outliers. I have two categorical variables (5 levels and 2 levels) and I will be performing a chi-square test for independence. I thought of using a boxplot to detect outliers, but now I am not sure...
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    How to use chi-square test correspondence between features and response in R?

    There is a set of tumors,each one includes five features, which relate to one gene type result. Tumor Feature 1 ... Feature 5 Gene type 1 Type 1 2 Type n ... ... Now I need to use chi-square test to analyze the correspondence between the five features and the gene types. I build the H0...
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    How to use chi-square test correspondence between features and response in R?

    There is a set of tumors,each one includes five features, which relate to one gene type result. Tumor Feature 1 ... Feature 5 Gene type 1 Type 1 2 Type n ... ... Now I need to...
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    Difference between two independent proportions

    Hello, I am not a statistician, however, for my latest small research, I would like to test whether there is a difference between two independent groups of samples in terms of proportions (one with a condition and one without a condition). I have researched this problem and find out that...
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    compare groups and examine relationships

    Hi, 1.I am planning to examine the level of user engagement of participants playing a particular computer game, that has two versions, one in color and the other one in black and white. I understand that I can conduct a one way-within subject test ANOVA to compare the means of the two groups...
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    Help with statistical power?

    Hi, I'm doing a study looking at the ability of a test to detect a change in bacterial numbers pre- versus post-treatment [i.e. not treatment effect, but pilot study looking at efficacy of the test used]. I've done a chi-square test and got a significant result (p<0.05). However given that I...
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    Discrepancy between Chi-square and sensitivity and specificity

    The performance of 19 impaired and 42 typically developing children was tested using 3 assessment parameters to see which parameter best discriminated between the groups (correctly detected impaired as impaired or typically developing as typically developing). In addition discrimination function...
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    Chi-Square vs t-test

    Help! I am trying to compare observed education levels of a visiting group to the expected (known) education levels of the nation. These are my figures: Observed: 71% (have degree) 29% (no degree) Expected: 27% (have degree) 73% (no degree) If I use chi-square...
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    Need Bollen-Stine Chi-square

    Hello all, I am typically an AMOS user, but have run into some non-normal data. I am happy that AMOS provides the Bollen-Stine p-value, but I'd love to be able to get the corrected Chi-Square value as well. I think that Mplus can do this (and perhaps R Lavaan). Does anyone now of a way to...
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    Comparing mortality rates? 2-sample t-test vs Chi sq vs Poisson regression vs others

    Hi there, Sorry for my ignorance but been a while since I did stats. I am comparing mortality rates between two breeds of pigs. My ultimate goal is to figure out whether the difference in the rates can be explained by random variation or whether there is a breed effect (assuming all other...
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    Interpretation of the Likelihood Ratio Chi-Square Test Statistic

    Do I still use the Chi-Square distribution table to determine the significance of the Ratio Likelihood Chi-Square test statistic? I know you use it for the Pearson's Chi-square test statistic, so I am unsure whether to same rules apply. I calculated the Likelihood Ratio Chi-Square in SPSS...
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    Chi square Or Mann U Whitney for comparing student grades

    Hi, for my study I have obtained the UK classification grades that are used at University. I've obtained data from two groups of students first generation and continuing generation. I want to see if there is a difference I'n grades between the groups. The problem I have is that I've obtained...
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    Multiple test correction for Chi-Square in SPSS

    I have 1 binary dependent variable (presence or absence of coeliac disease) and multiple binary independent variables (presence or absence of different symptoms). If I perform a chi square in SPSS it produces a series of 2x2 contingency tables and a p value for each. However I'm aware...
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    chi-square test of independence sig but all post-hoc not--how to report?

    I am conducting chi-square tests of independence and for any that are significant I am conducting Bonferroni adjusted post-hoc tests. I have a couple of cases where the original test is significant but none of the post-hoc tests are significant. What is the correct way to report this?
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    Assistance Requested in Determining the Appropriate Statistical Analysis

    I am developing a mock research proposal. The study will be a RCT of 100 women from a health clinic. Both groups complete an initial questionnaire as well as a follow up questionnaire (same as the baseline minus the socio-demographic portion). Both are asked to set up an appointment for a cancer...
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    Repeated-measures chi-square test in SPSS

    Here's my (fairly simple?) question: I have three binary variables, call them A, B, and C. I want to see if the effect of A on B is different than the effect of A on C. In other words, I want to see if there is a significant difference of these two chi-square values. How would I do this in SPSS?