chi squared

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    Which statistical test?

    I am interested in investigating the impact of the localization of malignant lung tumors on the pattern of lymph node metastases. The localization of the lung tumor is a categorical independent variable divided in upper lobe, middle lobe and lower lobe. The only way I can think of to investigate...
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    CLT Chi squared and negativity

    A variable with the number of degrees of freedom reaching infinity has a distribution coinciding with normal distribution (as CLT). On the other hand, this variable cannot take negative values. How to explain it? Is there an assumption in CLT that it can be used for positive values only?
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    Chi squared test assumptions not met

    I want to perform a univariate analysis to predict if a higher BMI is associated with an increased incidence of complications after surgery. I divided the BMI of patients in 4 categories (<18.5; 18.5-25; 25-30; >30) and complications in 2 categories (yes; no). I tried to use the chi squared test...
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    What does only one significant standardised residual mean in 2x3 Chi Squared tables?

    Hi everyone. I'm writing up a report for my advisor, which compares count data for three conditions, across two different groups. I therefore have a 2x3 contingency table I've analysed with Chi Squared, and am using standardised residuals as a post-hoc test. However, my advisor and are...
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    How to apply Chi Squared test according to this Simulation?

    Hi there, I have been wondering about some points of Chi squared test. I would like to introduce the following scenario to better clarify my question: Let's say that one day while doing research on the city of Villy God has appeared to me and told me that city there are 10,000 adults...
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    Question: what statistical test to use to measure cooperation (prisoner's dilemma)

    Hi. I'm an undergraduate student and I've designed an experiment for one of my capstone courses, but I'm not sure quite how to analyze the results. I'm having my participants play fixed iterated games of the prisoner's dilemma. There are 6 participants in a session and they each play...
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    [SPSS] Comparison to homogeneous distribution.

    Hello. This is my first post here, please forgive any mistakes. I am designing the statistics for a project. The aim is to compare samples taken against a perfectly homogeneous population. I have identified both Similarity Factor and Chi-squared as potentially good statistics to utilise. I...
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    Analysis and Post-hoc for Ordinal Variables

    My main questions are; 1) For a Chi goodness of fit test, which effect size do you use? I am being told Cramer's V, Phi, Omega and W! (There seem to be a lot more answers for a Chi association test, but not for a Chi goodness of fit) 2) Can you use an Odds Ratio with a Chi goodness of fit...
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    Why use Chi-square?

    Hi, I am putting together a statistics course about inference techniques to use when the predictor variable(s) are categorical (by which I mean, cannot be put into any meaningful order). I am including both Fisher's exact test for nxm tables (we are using R, which does this) and the Chi...
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    superior returns market portfolio

    I have the returns and standard deviations of 10 portfolios and i want to know if they significantly beat the market portfolio. the portfolios annual retuns standar deviation 1 20% 5% 2 15% 10% 3 25% 15% 4 14%...