1. R

    Can this data be calculated by SPSS? and how?

    I want to get the value of x2 and p in every row, may I ask how I can calculate them by SPSS?
  2. A

    Are the sum values 'No' and 'Not informed' in the Odds Ratio analysis correct? See the example.

    In a hypothetical study I am trying to assess whether the presence of allergy is a risk factor for the presence of any virus. For this purpose, a questionnaire was applied on which many individuals marked "yes" or "no" for the presence of allergy. Those who did not complete the questionnaire...
  3. C

    Goodness of fit test for exponential distribution

    The given data below shows the time in intervals in seconds between successive white cars in flowing traffic in an open road.Can these be modeled by an exponential distribution. I am computing the expected frequencies by calculating the probability at each interval.Under null hypothesis as...
  4. C

    3 columns of categorical data - what test to use for significance?

    Hi I did surveys on pre-teens, teens, 20s (3 "columns") and need to find signfifiance (p-value). What test do I use? I keep trying Chi square on graphpad prism 5, but I keep getting the message Analysis of Contingency Table: Overview Chi-square calculations are only valid when all expected...