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    Clustering univariate measures

    Hello, I'd like some guidance, since I don't know exactly what statistic would be more adequate in my case. I have a dataset that includes several categories and only one relevant numerical variable, and each category is repeated and has several measurements. I have around 1500 data points...
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    Latent Class Analysis - How to identify the main drivers?

    Hi All! I ran a LCA to identify the best possible segmentation of classes in a population. I used Latent Gold for this and imported the clusters later in to SPSS for some comparisons and calculation. I am a bit stuck with the following questions: Are there any metrics which indicate which of...
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    Dendrogram reading

    Hello! Can somebody please help me figure where should I draw the line to determine the number of clusters? I'm thinking 3 clusters but i'm not 100%.
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    proc fastclus output interpretation

    Hello, I am using proc fastclus to perform k-means clustering. In Figure 42.2: Cluster Summary Table from the FASTCLUS Procedure, an R-square value is reported (please see link below)...
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    Whats is the method to analyze characteristics from two groups?

    Hello there, Im new in the statistics world and i hope that you can help me. i have two groups of sample that are divided by one y (depended) variable y = binary, is a good employee or no then i have ten variables (x) divided into demografic variables and profile test. Example: age, emotion...
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    Cluster analysis with conjoint analysis data

    Hello everybody, My team and I have an assignment to run a conjoint analysis with SPSS. So far, we were able to make the orthogonal design to generate 16 cards and run a survey with respondents. Then, we were able to run the conjoint analysis in SPSS to get the Utility for each attribute...
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    Principal component and clustering

    Hi! I have a question concerning principal component analysis and how to pursue. First of all, this is my case: I have a lot of data points containing a calculated Q and a measured T. Q is calculated by the sum of different q's. I would like to make the following diagonal clusters...
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    What method for this problem? [Correlation / Correspondence]

    Hi, I have a data set like the following with some categorical/nominal values (like Gender and Age Group) and a ratio scaled value (DropOut, which is the week after registration in which a person dropped out of a program [so it's never zero or less, and it's not the calender week]): I want...
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    K-means cluster for skewed dataset

    Hi, I've 7 columns(variables) and their percentiles are shown as below for 14K rows. I've tried to create k-means clusters for 14k observations of 7 variables. A-G are products the numerics are turnover for A-G If you look at the table, massive dataset is having no turnover for all...
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    Which cluster analysis methods to use to analyze purchase behavior with time?

    Hello everyone, I quite new to cluster analysis, but read through a fair amount of material, still I'm puzzled with the following task. Performing cluster analysis on my customers, using the follwing data set SubjectN; Week1 Purchase; Week2 Purchase;.....; Week12 Purchase These...
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    Combining two samples to then do Cluster Analysis/multivariate analysis

    I was wondering if someone can help. For a university assignment I have been asked to propose a marketing research method & survey etc for a company. I have been set an online takeaway website to do. We are asked in the survey to find out about food habits and the takeaway market. Survey has...
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    Hierarchical Cluster Analyis: Working with Groups

    Hello everybody! I am not sure if you provide me an answer to my questions, but I am pretty desperate and would be glad of any help I can get! I am conducting a study in which I applied first Factor Analysis (for a question that was asked with Likert Scale, regarding characteristics of a...
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    Analysing ranked data

    I had following question in my questionnaire: Rank following factors: price, quality, advertisement, brand, reference from 1 (very important) to 5 (least important) that influenced on your buying decision process. Which approaches may be used in order to measure most important factors? I...
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    What technique to use?

    I am studying modeling, and I am looking for a good technique to optimize an insurance process, but I am not quite sure how to accomplish what I want to do. I have a dataset with several categorical variables (policy characteristics) and one numerical variable (historical losses). What I...
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    panel data - within-group estimate - individual fixed effects retrieved

    Hi TalkStats people! I am analyzing panel data. First, I have to decide whether to use a random or fixed effect estimator. The Hausman test suggests to use the fixed effect estimator (also named within group estimator). Thus, this is what I am using. However, this method eliminates the...
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    Indicate significant differences between two clustered bars

    Hello, I'm trying to add line and star annotation in a clustered bar chart, in order to indicate significant difference between two groups, similar to this: Example in MATLAB Can anyone help me, how can it be done in SPSS?
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    Generalized Linear Model and fixed effects

    I want to estimate a model with a fractional outcome variable following Papke & Wooldridge (2002). I run glm dep_var independent_var, family(binomial) link(logit) robust, right? How can I add a three level fixed effects? My approach until now was to use egen new_var = group(var1 var2 var3)...
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    Clustering a pair of 3 points for a given x position?

    Hi all, If i have a pair of points that have different y positions (A,B,C) but with the same x coordinate, is it possible to cluster this pair of 3 points together and not individually? I'd like to see the occurrence of this pair of 3 points together in a given sample and see what pair...
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    SPSS Linear regression with data clusters

    Hello, I'm trying to do a linear regression in SPSS where the data is clustered. I have n = 58 with 7 different measurement variables. One of those variables is a measurement, the other six are an observation (yes/no). I can run the linear regression just fine, however, I need to account for...
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    Performing comparisons after a cluster analysis

    I have a data set of N subjects, and P variables, with some vars measuring performance on a task, and some measuring subjects' intrinsic characteristic. Each of the performance variables consists of the proportion of correct responses (range 0 to 1.0) to some set of questions. The characteristic...