1. B

    NCA Office Pool Win Probability

    Hello, I run a small NCAA office pool website where folks make predictions about the outcome of each game in a 64-team tournament that consists of six, single elimination rounds. Each correct prediction is worth a standard amount of points, and you compete in leagues against friends and...
  2. T

    Coding for control variables in Stata 14 in linear regression?

    Hi - I need to control for two variables in my linear regression, the code thus far is; sort dde2 by dde2: regress sustain I have two mediator variables or control variables, gender and ses and I need to remove their effects. Any help greatly appreciated!
  3. S

    Learning to make programs

    Hey guys. So I'm learning to program ado's and I have a question. Say I want to make a random joke generator in stata from a list of 100 jokes. How do I make the program select a random statement from a list of statements? For example: program define joke version 14.0 dis as text "joke...
  4. G

    time track code for dbRDA

    Hi, I am using dbRDA for my paleo data and i want to do time track in R but the codes i found are only applicable for cca and rda. I wonder if anyone tried this before, or is it possible to do time track in dbRDA? Thank you in advance
  5. O

    Help! How do you make a choropleth in R!

    So I have a data set with the number of violent crimes known to police in various counties in Ohio since 1990 (the file is attached). Making the dataset (from now on, I'll refer to it as OH) readable in R was enough of a task for me and now figuring out how to make a choropleth is making me...
  6. T

    faraway wbca problem on d and e help needed Breast Cancer

    I have homework problem on page 378 about breast cancer the question asks Suppose the a cancer is classified as benign if p  0.5 and malignant if p < 0.5. Compute the number of errors of both types that will be made if this method is applied to the current data with the reduced model. (e)...
  7. K

    crazy p-value

    I am taking data analysis, and am having a bit of trouble. It has been a couple years since i took intro to stats, so i am very rusty. I performed a t-test (two sided, and both alternates) on Sleuth 2 ex0222, and I get a p value with an negative exponent. this seems ridiculous to me, and I...
  8. C

    SAS repeated measures ANOVA, comparison of within-time effects?

    Hey guys, this is my first post, so thanks in advance for reading. I am using SAS, and comparing the effects of a drug on a biological measure, additionally I am taking repeated measurements from the same experimental setup. I have two treatment groups. I can navigate main effects...
  9. S

    Mathematical equation to the R code

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to R and not a statistics expert. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me with the following question: I'm using the following R code for the calculation of a varying intercept, varying slopes LMER model: > Model.2004 <- lmer(var1 ~ var2 + var3 + var4 +...
  10. Dason

    Today I Learned: ____

    I thought it might be nice to just have a place to post some happy little things you learned or (re)discovered about R that makes your life nicer and you just want to share! Heck it can be just some nice things that you really appreciate or love about R that you just want to share. With that...
  11. S

    Simple user-defined function in R

    Hi, i was looking through the forum but unfortunately couldn't find solution for my problem. I need to use simulation to show that sums of independent uniform random variables approach a Gaussian distribution. I want to write function of m, n, a, b , where m is number of simulations, n is size...
  12. A

    Logistic Regression using optim() give "L-BFGS-B" error, please help

    Dear R Users/Experts, I am using a function called logitreg() originally described in MASS (the book 4th Ed.) by Venebles & Ripley, p445. I used the code as provided but made couple of changes to run a 'constrained' logistic regression, I set the method = "L-BFGS-B", set lower/upper values...