coefficient of variation

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    Sample size calculation when comparing two coefficients of variation

    Hi, I am a medical student, wanting to start a clinical study between two devices. Since I want to compare especially on precision and reproducibility, I am going to use the coefficient of variation. I already have the CV of one of the devices from another published article (14,6%) and have...
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    Target Accuracy and Precision

    I’m a novice when it comes to applying statistics to practical applications. Sorry if this has been covered in another post somewhere. I compete in competitions where accuracy and precision is compared between two competitors. My question is... How many shots at a target are required to...
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    Statistical power of two dataset

    Hi All, I would like to inquire how to decide whether Dataset A or Dataset B would be reliable based on their coefficient of variation, number of data points and mean value. What kind of factors could be considered? I am not searching for the direct answer but rather to jump into the...
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    precision assessment of an experimental method

    Hi everyone, I have a very basic knowledge of statistics so apologies if the question is not formulated in appropriate terms. I really hope to get some help from you on this. I have data comprising a response variable and three predictor variables (a,b,c). I would like to assess the...
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    comparing coefficient of variation for multiple samples

    I have three sets of data sets each 10 to 20 data points. I want to test if the coefficient of variation is the same across all the sets. Please suggest relevant methods. I came across papers by Cabras(2006) and Amiri(2010). One, they look at comparing only two samples and two, my knowledge...
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    Reliability in health and disease (ICC,CoV) - Separtely or combined

    I am currently writing an article. However, I have a concern regarding my statistics part. I calculated the ICC (Intraclass correlation) and CoV (Coefficient of Variation) over the group of healthy subjects and over the diseased subjects (measurement within two weeks) and they both are good to...
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    Relationship Between Increasing Mean and Standard Deviation

    Greetings, we sampled some fungal populations from an agricultural field. Our sample size is 24, and we sampled six plots. We noticed the standard deviation of our samples increases along with the mean, which we did not expect. What might this suggest about our data, and does anyone have ideas...
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    How much high/low is the variance if a variable?

    Hello everyone, How can you determine if a variable has a high variance or not? The variance, the standard deviation and the coefficient of variation can take all non negative values. Is a variance of 20 high or low? Thanks for you insights, Ale
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    Is this a suitable way to summarize parameter distributions?

    Hello everyone, I have the following situation: I have a set of multiple environmental models with multiple parameters. I have now run these with multiple time steps to observe the change in parameter probability distribution, as you change the time step. I have done this with a Monte Carlo...
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    Coefficient of variation in inferential statistics

    As part of an appraisal of an article ( and among other questions I have been asked to "explain the rationale for the following inferential statistical tests: paired and independent samples t-tests, coefficients of variation."...