coefficient significance

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    Standardizing coefficients of Logistic Regression Model

    While I'm trying to interpret and use coefficients of Logistic Regression Model, there are two set of problems that I'm facing Standardizing and bringing to a common scale, all the coefficients? Handling both negative and positive coefficients even after standardization? To explain with an...
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    Which statistical test to use: 1000 pairs of ordinals

    Hello, I have a table of approximately 1000 pairs of values. x is an integer between 0 and 365, representing birthday y is an integer between 1 and 4, being a measure of achievement. I am investigating whether there is positive correlation between x and y. I am not sure which test to use. I...
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    Multiple regression,why do we want all coefficients to be significant?

    There is one thing about multiple regression analysis which I do not understand. Lets say your model is Y_{i}=\beta_{0}+\beta_{1}*x_{i1}+\beta_{2}*x_{i2}...+b_{k}*x_{ik}+\epsilon_{i} The \epsilon's are iid normally distributed with mean 0. Then usually the output from computer packages will...