cohort study

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    Cohort and case-control study

    Hi! I am in great need of advice. Is it possible to report the results form a Cohort study along with results from a case-control study, if the case-control originated form the cohort? For example, there is a primary outcome that I want to evaluate in my cohort study, where there are 400...
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    Cox regression results interpretation

    Hi! I am currently working on a statistical analysis on a prospective cohort population. We are looking at a specific protein concentration at baseline and relate this to a certain outcome. The outcome group have been matched with twice as many control individuals from the same cohort. The...
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    interpretation of a negative risk difference

    Hi, I am reviewing a cohort study and trying to make sense of the results. When considering mortality they presented their results as a risk difference which is a little different to what I normally see. Usually reported is RR or OR. In this case the results give a negative number. -35% (95%CI...