1. M

    comparison of proportion to a population Confidence Interval

    I am comparing the % of minorities from my organization to a population % of minorities, to see if it is high or low. I have data for my whole organization (not a sample) so I do not show CIs. The “population” data is a sample and thus has CIs. For example, see the below (hypothetical) data...
  2. J

    Call Centre Strategy

    Hi, I'm working on a research project for a call centre, it's been a while since I have done any applied statistics so I could really use some help. Here's what I want to do: I need to understand why customers are calling into the call centre so I can design an appropriate queuing and...
  3. trinker

    Confidence Interval Wording Write Up

    When we get a 95% confidence interval for a mean is it appropriate to say:
  4. J

    Delta method to assess the confidence and prediction intervals

    I want to calculate the table of confidence and prediction intervals for a custom Cumulative Distribution Function or CDF, and I am following the forums and articles aid. My major cuestions that I repeat bellow are these: 1.- I had to obtain the ACOV matrix and I use the inverse of the...