contingecy table

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    Interpretation of statistical test (2x2xk contingency table)

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    Which correlation coefficient is best suited to dichotomous variables (and why do my results feel intutiteivly wrong)

    I have collected data that shows the days on which I fasted and if those days resulted in weight-loss. Null hypothesis: There is no statistically significant relationship between fasting and weight loss. Data Analysis: 1 The chart (see way below) is a visual representation of my data. The...
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    how to draw contingency table for repeated experiments(multiple samples)

    the aim is to decide whether gene types can affect response to certain stimulus. there are 3 types of genes(G1-3), 3 kinds of responses(R1-3). in one experiment, dozens individuals from each gene group are involved, some of them (a) showed response 1, some showed R2, etc. so the contingency...
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    Which method shall I use?

    Hello, I am working on my first paper and I feel quite lost with the statistical method. Hope you can help me! I am comparing two samples from different populations (i.e. sample 1, n=478 and sample 2 (n = 502)) with 10 categories each (i.e. category A, B, C...) to see if there is a...
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    Logistic regression. How to combine classes in a mullticategorical variable?

    Hi, I’m preparing some data with a view to carry out a multivariable logistic regression. The dependent variable is LANDSLIDES, i.e. occurrence, and is dichotomous (YES/NO). The independent variables are a collection of environmental factors, such as VEGETATION, SLOPE, ELEVATION, and...
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    Correct approach to assessing correlation btn events in time domain?

    Hi Folks Firstly apologies if i have posted this in the wrong section - please feel free to advise or move as appropriate, and also apologies if I'm using the wrong terminology here and there - hope you can grasp what i'm talking about anyway! I am doing some research comparing low frequency...
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    MATLAB : table & contingency table

    I have the following data : data=[1 3 5 1;2 3 2 3;3 3 5 1;4 4 5 1;5 3 2 1;6 4 2 3;7 3 5 1;8 4 5 1;9 3 4 1;10 4 2 1]; Now i have to make a table of column 2 and 3 separately.I am not clear what it is asking for. Do i need to compute the frequency table like the following...