continuity correction

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    Continuity Corrections

    Continuity corrections are neither continuous, nor correct. Discuss.
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    Sparsity in an m*n contingency table

    I am attempting to find a citation for or document the use of a correction factor for an m \times n contingency table with sparse data (for most of the tables, 20% to 80% of the cells have a value of 0). I have been working with a statistician who insists that adding 0.5 to each value is an...
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    Continuity Correction Questions

    I understand the concept of continuity corrections for normal approximations, but I do not understand how to apply them. Most sites state that you would have to add or subtract 1/2 from the number you want to estimate the probability being greater or less than, or equal to (or equal and...
  4. H

    Continuity correction for proportions

    Could someone please explain how to calc the continuity correction for a proportion ie P(X >= 0.03) I understand that if this was not a proportion P(X >= 3) -> P(X > 2.5) but i dont see how im suppose to do this for a proportion. Any help would be appreciated